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Review: The Gentlemen (Netflix series)

Do you fancy a foray into a frolicking & fanciful criminal underworld?
"then stick up your trotters and take a butchers" (put your feet up and take a look)
at this great new series that i'm sure guy ritchie had something to do with....did he write the script?
did he direct?
I havent got a fucking clue and If you dont have a fucking clue how the criminal underworld works you'll probably love this show
If you are member of a big time crime organisation I imagine you probably screaming at your tv:
"not like that! shoot him in the head!" or
"everybody knows you dont cut off the whole finger! just above the knuckle is all you need....fucking amatuers this lot"
this is similar to the frustration I feel when seeing bartenders in TV shows serve pints with their fingers all over the rim of the glass.

anyway, Theo James/Kaya Scoledario do a sterling job of making me believe they are begrudgingly/competently running a massive crime syndicate based around selling weed from secret underground bases on posh estates
If you've seen the movie, its basically that for 8 hours. Which is fantastic.

I still want to watch Rock'n'rolla part was promised....

Score: 9/10 - We are not criminals Freddie

Review: Shogun, episodes 1 & 2 (TV series)

Cosmo Jarvis is a weird name innit?
This cut price Tom Hardy plays, John Blackthorne, the first Englishman to set foot in Japan.
He does a great gruff voice that works well for dishing out Elizebethan era insults such as, but not limited to:

I really did enjoy his performance although a colleague of mine hated his voice.

Shogun demands your attention as quite a lot of it is in Japanese so you have to read the subtitles.
The language barrier between the English/Portuguese Vs the Japanese makes for some fun and shocking clash of culture moments.
I played a video game: Nioh - which also based on the actual first englishman (or was he irish) to visit japan, William Adams.
its all interesting stuff and definitley worth a watch.

Score: 9/10 - Piss all over the Portuguese)

Review: Ant & Dec's Saturday night takeaway, Season 20 (TV series)

Ant & Dec, if you are not from the UK then you probably dont know who these 2 geordies are
They have been on TV and radio for longer than the Queen was alive
They just wont go away
Are they funny? Mildly.
The TV show consists of pranks, stunts and audience give aways.

My wife cried when they gave everyone in the audience a holiday - she said this is down to pregnancy hormones
but i think she just wants a holiday.
We watched a whole 40 minutes of the show purely because thats how long it took us to eat our chinese takeaway
Im sticking the arsenal game on now

Score: 7.7/10 - I genuinely enjoyed most of it

Review: One Day (Netflix series)

I spent the first episode yawning and not really caring for either character but by episode 3 I wanted to know what happens next.
Each episode is a snapshot of a year in the lives of Emma & Dexter and how their friendship and love ebbs and flows over these years.
we also get to see the rise and fall of their personal lives and how they intersect with each other.
I was told there was a twist! I did some quick maths and was fully expecting the series to end in September 2001.
but they survive 2001 so dont worry..

Score: 8/10 - its a fun ride with likeable characters who you will end up caring about

Review: Jack Reacher, Season 2 (Prime TV series)

Jack reacher season 2 wasn't as good as season 1.
I did like meeting his old army buddies but it just meant there was less screen time for Reacher to break bones.
Everyfight they did have, up until near the end, was always a knife fight because the bad guys didnt want to cause a scene.
So many times the series could of just ended if someone decided to shoot a gun instead (is this even set in America?)
Rather than link to a video from this current season, as I feel I have been bombarded by trailers for it, I have linked to a fight scene from season 1 which shows some good ol' bone breaking action

Score: 6/10 - a bit dumb but still enjoyable

Review: Boy Swallows Universe (TV series)

It made me laugh, it made me cry. What more do you want?

Score: 10/10