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Review: Journey of The Prairie king (some shit my wife is playing)

My wife has been playing "journey of the prairie king" for like 1 hour straight and she wont stop saying shit like:

  1. ah shit i didnt even see that coming
  2. tom look at this
  3. u think u can beat the prairie king?
  4. i frigging hate this game
when asked to sum up her thoughts on the game she said "gyhuuh?"
i think this answer sums up the game
she cant take her attention away from it and she is hooked
but for how long?

as far as I'm aware, the game is some sort of mini game found in Stardew Valley
it looks like an old 8 bit or 4 bit game i dunno it looks plain as fuck
you face a wave of bad guys with your character and a gun in a one room arena
it looks like the binding of isaac

my wife has just said "you are a horrible man, i asked you to help me on thsi game but instead you write a can quote me on that" [Wife 7:30pm 06/04/2024]
overall the game looks rubbish but My wife is enjoying it.

Score: 6/10 please stop talking about it

Review: LASERS (Free steam game)

compete against other players in a race to the finish line while dodging lasers
The main draw of the game seems to be the jiggle mechanics on the boobs and making your character twerk.
for a free game it doesn't compete with "fall guys" but it's a fun attempt with some challenging levels
I played it for a total of 0.4 hours (according to steam) and I might play it again after a beer.

Score: 6/10