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Review: You'll never find me (Movie)

Australians seem to do a pretty good job at horror! (go watch "talk to me")
I feel like this move is a mix between "babadook" (psychological, slow burn) and "killer joe" (set in a mobile home)
Its set in a crappy mobile home with some old creepy drunk (or is he sweet and innocent?)
who regularly has kids do knock and run on his door - but during a particularly bad storm a young woman turns up soaked and in need of some respite
what follows is interesting, tense and full of twists to keep you guessing at the backgrounds and motivations of our 2 main characters

I think i guessed this one about 45 mins in but I wasn't 100% on my theory as it kept on twisting and turning
It looked great and i loved the use of colour and it has a fairly satisfying ending.
If you like a slow burn psychological horror then i can recommend this and I'll be keeping an eye out for more from the writer/directors
Indiana Bell (writer director)& Josiah Allen (director) according to IMDB

Score: 8/10 crikey! Worth a watch

Review: Next Goal Wins (Movie)

I only went and looked at my phone for most of the movie again.
There was definitely a few laughs to be had and there probably would have been a few more if I had paid attention but it wasnt a particularly gripping movie.
I usually love a sporting under dog story but this one just didnt grab me.

Score: 5/10 orange card

Review: The Kitchen (Netflix Movie)

The Kitchen is a drama set in a dystopian future that occasionally reminded me of Romain Gavras' movie "Athena."
Where Athena focused on the figureheads of both the rebels and the police, the kitchen concentrates on one citizen (UK rapper Kano) of the slums and his attempt to get a one-bedroom flat!
His plans go awry when he re-unites with his long-avoided son.
It's as exciting as it sounds.
While the movie looks nice and colourful, I just found myself looking at my phone instead and scrolling through Reddit.

I'm trying to figure out why he even wanted a 1-bedroom flat anyway. He already had one and was probably paying fuck all rent
Also Ian Wright Wright Wright is in the movie.

Score: 4/10 - Boring