Tom Reviews - Music

Review: Rudimental, Skepsis - Green & Gold ft Charlotte Plank, Riko Dan (Music Video)

I really enjoyed the first seven seconds as I thought tarantula by pendulum was about to play.
This is a lively song and I'll be honest, I listened to 10 other new releases today and this was the first one I actually enjoyed.
Pretty standard fare though from Rudimental although I do really like the catchy chorus.
Would I favourite it on spotify? nah.
Would I skip it? no.
its not quite a Gold from me but it just passes with a green.

Score: 7/10 - Its alright I suppose

Review: Danny Brown - Y.B.P (Music Video)

My doctor recently called me middle aged on my last check up;
I am also white and I'm about to be upgraded from working class to middle class.
This makes it difficult for me to relate to the new Danny Brown song, Y.B.P, which I assume means "young, black & poor".
this doesnt stop me somewhat enjoying the track and especially enjoying the final 3rd of stop motion video.
the guy on the 2nd verse some some awkward sounding delivery which I would usually associate with Danny Brown - I dont know what this signifies.

Score: 6/10 - Its alright I suppose

Review: IDLES - GIFT HORSE (Music video)

I watched the video 2 times in a row.
I love the energy and I feel a sort of indignant rage towards low paid work and being forced to twerk for likes

Score: 9/10